Prolabin & Tefarm

P&T is expert in the preparation of inorgano-organic layered compounds belonging to the class of hydrotalcites and zirconium phosphates/phosphonates. These lamellar solids are innovative products used as nanostructurant polymer additives, active ingredients for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and health care applications and heterogeneous catalysts.


P&T researchers gained their experience and know how from research carried out over more than 30 years in the Dep. of Chemistry at the university of Perugia, enabling them to transfer their knowledge and technology to industry.

All the products are composed of lamellar solids, or synthetic clays, produced with ecofriendly procedures using only water as a solvent, therefore suitable for companies that seek innovative and green products.  

P&T benefits from EU and national calls to enable the research, development and dissemination of new products for strategic market sectors.


P&T proposes itself as a partner in networks whose aim is to carry out innovative projects in order to obtain high quality products.


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