P&T has a catalogue of planned products that were enveloped and optimized for several applications (polymer additives, anionic exchangers, acid scavenger, sun filters, controlled release of active drugs, heterogeneous catalysts, proton wires).

They are amount available of these products enough to satisfy the requirements of the research and development centres.

Some products are in available bulk amount. (Verify this opportunity by this link:


Anyway the core business of P&T is research and development of new materials based on lamellar solids for the most different applications.

In this field P&T places at its customers disposal all the resources of the R&D laboratory in order to develop research projects for the prototypation and the achievement of innovative products.


Another kind of collaboration of P&T is the “solution on demand” either for technological solutions on customers’ direct requirements or the realization and the modification of “ad hoc studied” products to meet particular customers’ requirements.

The available materials of the catalogue can be also modified in terms of chemical composition of lamellae, interlayer species either in terms of granulometry and particle size distribution, morphology, surface, content of water.

For these reasons, besides the consultation and/or the demand of the catalogue, in uninterrupted updating, customers are required to contact us in order to look for and to find the tailor-made solutions suitable for every single requirement.


All the handmade is provided with technical specifications including:


Chemical composition analysis by plasma atomic emission spectroscopy ICP/OES;


X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD);


Thermogravimetric Analysis (TG/DTA);


Surface area: BET, N2 adsorption;


Morphology: Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM.


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