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§  Hydrotalcites

§  Phosphates and phosphonates of polyvalent metals

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§  Synthetic hydrotalcite-like compounds

§  Polyvalent-metal phosphates and phosphonates

o   Polymer additives

§  Mechanical properties

§  Barrier properties

§  Thermal properties

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o   Cosmesis and health care

§  Brochure

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o   Cosmesis and health care

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·         Development products

o   Base materials

§  Hydrotalcites

Δ   HT-MgAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-MgAl-chloride

Δ   HT-MgAl-nitrate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-chloride

Δ   HT-ZnAl-nitrate

§  Phosphates/Phosphonates

Δ   Gamma-zirconium phosphate

Δ   α-zirconium phosphate

§  Phosphonic acids

Δ   (4,4'-bipiperidine-1,1'-diyldimethanediyl)bis(phosphonic acid)

Δ   (Piperidin-1-yl) methyl phosphonic acid

Δ   (piperidin-1-ylmethyl)phosphonic acid

Δ   [(dipropan-2-ylamino)methyl]phosphonic acid

Δ   [(dodecylimino)dimethanediyl]bis(phosphonic acid)

Δ   [(hexadecaneimino)dimethanediyl]bis(phosphonic acid)

Δ   [(propan-2-ylimino)dimethanediyl]bis(phosphonic acid)

Δ   [Hexane-1,6-diylbis(nitrilodimethanediyl)]tetrakis(phosphonic acid)

Δ   4-{[bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]methyl}benzoic acid

Δ   5-[bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]undecanoic acid

Δ   Methyl phosphonic acid

Δ   Sulfophenylphosphonic acid

o   Additives

§  Mechanical/Thermal/Barrier

Δ   Gemalite-3cyclo-A

Δ   Gemalite-3cyclo-AA

Δ   Gemalite-3cyclo-C

Δ   Gemalite-3cyclo-CC

Δ   Gemalite-arene

Δ   Gemalite-areneP

Δ   Gemalite-areneS

Δ   Gemalite-B

Δ   Gemalite-C12

Δ   Gemalite-C18

Δ   Gemalite-C3

Δ   Gemalite-C6

Δ   Gemalite-C99

Δ   Gemalite-P

Δ   Gemalite-PC

Δ   Gemalite-PC12

Δ   Gemalite-PC16

Δ   Gemalite-PC6

Δ   Gemalite-S12

Δ   Gemalite-SC88

Δ   Prozalite-3cyclo-A

Δ   Prozalite-3cyclo-AA

Δ   Prozalite-3cyclo-C

Δ   Prozalite-3cyclo-CC

Δ   Prozalite-arene

Δ   Prozalite-arene-P

Δ   Prozalite-arene-S

Δ   Prozalite-B

Δ   Prozalite-C12

Δ   Prozalite-C18

Δ   Prozalite-C3

Δ   Prozalite-C6

Δ   Prozalite-C99

Δ   Prozalite-P

Δ   Prozalite-PC

Δ   Prozalite-PC12

Δ   Prozalite-PC16

Δ   Prozalite-PC6

Δ   Prozalite-S12

Δ   Prozalite-SC88

Δ   Zircofill-C12


§  Colour

Δ   Gemalite-AX

Δ   Gemalite-FF

Δ   Gemalite-FL

Δ   Gemalite-MA

Δ   HT-MgAl-E142

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E131

Δ   Prozalite-AX

Δ   Prozalite-FF

Δ   Prozalite-FL

Δ   Prozalite-MA

§  Scavenger

Δ   Gemalite-AS

Δ   Gemalite-CS

Δ   Gemalite-ES

Δ   Gemalite-FS

Δ   Prozalite-AS

Δ   Prozalite-CS

Δ   Prozalite-ES

Δ   Prozalite-FS

§  Anti-UV

Δ   Gemalite-BPH

Δ   Gemalite-EUS

Δ   Gemalite-pAB

Δ   Prozalite-BPH

Δ   Prozalite-pAB

§  Antimicrobials/Antioxidants

Δ   Gemalite-ASC

Δ   Gemalite-BZ

Δ   Gemalite-CIT

Δ   Gemalite-dCBZ

Δ   Gemalite-FER

Δ   Gemalite-pHBZ

Δ   Gemalite-SAL

Δ   Gemalite-SOR

Δ   Prozalite-ASC

Δ   Prozalite-BZ

Δ   Prozalite-CIT

Δ   Prozalite-dCBZ

Δ   Prozalite-FER

Δ   Prozalite-pHBZ

Δ   Prozalite-SAL

Δ   Prozalite-SOR

§  Magnetics








o   Cosmesis and health care

§  Rheological agents

Δ   HT-MgAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-MgAl-chloride

Δ   HT-MgFe-carbonate

Δ   HT-MgFe-chloride

Δ   HT-ZnAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-chloride

Δ   HT-ZnFeAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-ZnFeAl-chloride

§  Dyes

Δ   HT-MgAl-bromocresol green

Δ   HT-MgAl-chlorophenol red

Δ   HT-MgAl-congo red

Δ   HT-MgAl-cresol

Δ   HT-MgAl-E101

Δ   HT-MgAl-E102

Δ   HT-MgAl-E103

Δ   HT-MgAl-E120

Δ   HT-MgAl-E122

Δ   HT-MgAl-E127

Δ   HT-MgAl-E131

Δ   HT-MgAl-E133

Δ   HT-MgAl-E160b

Δ   HT-MgAl-methyl orange

Δ   HT-MgAl-methyl red

Δ   HT-MgAl-phenol red

Δ   HT-MgAl-phenolphthalein

Δ   HT-ZnAl-bromocresol green

Δ   HT-ZnAl-chlorophenol red

Δ   HT-ZnAl-congo red

Δ   HT-ZnAl-cresol

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E101

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E102

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E103

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E120

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E122

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E127

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E133

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E142

Δ   HT-ZnAl-E160b

Δ   HT-ZnAl-methyl orange

Δ   HT-ZnAl-methyl red

Δ   HT-ZnAl-phenol red

Δ   HT-ZnAl-phenolphthalein

§  Antimicrobials/preservatives

Δ   HT-MgAl-ferulic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-undecylenic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-ferulic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-undecylenic acid

§  Anti-acne

Δ   HT-MgAl-azelaic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-retinoic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-tranexamic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-azelaic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-retinoic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-tranexamic acid

§  Stain-resistant/depigmenting/lightening agents

Δ   HT-MgAl-azelaic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-ellagic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-kojic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-azelaic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-ellagic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-kojic acid

§  Antioxidants

Δ   HT-MgAl-citric acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-ferulic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-lipoic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-phytic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-tocopherol

Δ   HT-ZnAl-citric acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-ferulic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-lipoic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-phytic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-tocopherol

§  Odour absorbers

Δ   HT-MgAl-ricinoleate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-ricinoleate

§  Cauterizing agents

Δ   HT-MgAl-ε-aminocaproic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-ε-aminocaproic acid

§  Keratolytics

Δ   HT-MgAl-salicylic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-salicylic acid

§  Healing agents

Δ   HT-MgAl-pantothenic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-pantothenic acid

§  Detergents

Δ   HT-MgAl-lactic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-lauryl sulfate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-lactic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-lauryl sulfate

§  Exfoliants

Δ   HT-MgAl-glycolic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-mandelic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-piruvic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-glycolic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-mandelic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-pyruvic acid

§  Sunscreens

Δ   HT-ZnAl-benzophenone

Δ   HT-ZnAl-eusolex

§  Gelling agents for oils

Δ   HT-MgAl-oleate

Δ   HT-ZnAl-oleate

§  hydrating materials

Δ   HT-MgAl-fruit acids

Δ   HT-MgAl-hyaluronic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-hydroxy acids

Δ   HT-MgAl-lactobionic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-fruit acids

Δ   HT-ZnAl-hyaluronic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-hydroxy acids

Δ   HT-ZnAl-lactobionic acid

§  Enzyme inhibitor

Δ   HT-MgAl-tranexamic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-tranexamic acid

§  Lenitive/Anti-reddering

Δ   HT-MgAl-glycyrrhetinic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl-panthenol

Δ   HT-ZnAl-glycyrrhetinic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl-panthenol

§  Lipid layer restorative and barrier effect

Δ   HT-MgAl-fatty acids

Δ   HT-ZnAl-fatty acids

§  Flavored Material

Δ   HT-MgAl- angelic and tiglic acid

Δ   HT-MgAl- cinnamic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl- angelic and tiglic acid

Δ   HT-ZnAl- cinnamic acid

§  Refreshing materials

Δ   HT-MgAl-menthol

Δ   HT-ZnAl-menthol

o   Catalysis

§  Reforming alcohol

Δ   HT-CoAl- carbonate

Δ   HT-CoNiZnAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-CoZnAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-CuZnAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-NiAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-NiCoAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-NiMgAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-NiZnAl-carbonate

§  Acid/base

Δ   Zirco-P/Me

Δ   Zirco-K

Δ   Zirco-Me/Ph

Δ   Zirco-Me/SPh

Δ   Zirco-P/Ph

Δ   Zirco-P/SPh

§  Catalysis

Δ   HT-CoAl-carbonate

Δ   HT-CoFeAl carbonate

Δ   HT-CoFe-carbonate

Δ   HT-CoZnAl-carbonate

·         European project

o   Nanofrabs

o   Hifivent

·         Publications

o   Polymer additives

§  Active Packaging

§  Barrier and mechanical properties

§  In-situ polimerization

§  Nanocomposites

o   Cosmesis and healthcare

§  Deodorants and odor-absorber

§  Sunscreens

§  Immobilization of sunscreens

§  Eusolex

§  Preventing penetration of sunscreens

§  Skin care and make-up

§  Ferulic acid

§  Oily and seborrheic skins

§  Hydrotalcites and rheological agents

§  Lipogel

§  New gelling agents

§  Skin lightening

§  Texture

§  Hair masks

§  Resveratrol

o   Pharmaceutical technique

§  Diclofenac

§  Low solubility drugs

§  Flurbiprofen

§  Colon release

§  Flurbiprofen fast release

§  Celecoxib

§  Biologically active molecules

§  Furosemide

§  Healt

§  Super disruptive and low solubility drug

§  Curing clay

§  Azelaic Acid vehiculation

§  Fluoro-prophylaxis

§  Gastric absorption of drugs

§  Spring form

o   Catalysis

§  Ethanol steam reforming (Ni-Co-Zn-Al)

§  hydrogen production starting from methanol (Cu-Zn-Al)

§  Oxidative steam reforming of methanol (Cu-ZnO-Al2O3)

§  Steam reforming of ethanol and of acetic acid (Ni-Zn-Al)

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