P&T is an active partner in european projects:



NANOFRABS, european project titled: Halogen free flame retardant abs nanocomposites for electric and electronic devices, supported by the European Commission FP7 program (FP7-SME-2011, Grant Agreement nº 284838).


Prolabin & Tefarm is part of the consortium of the European project HIFIVENT. The project is supported by the European commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7, SME-2013, GA: 605891) and started in October 2013 and is scheduled to finalize in March 2016. The project emerged as a business opportunity for the development of a new ventilated façade system (outdoor building envelop) based on high durability wood polymer composites (WPC) that improve the performance and solve the problems associated with the currently used materials (aluminum, stone, ceramic and wood). The consortium shows a correct balance covering the entire value chain of the product from the manufacturers of raw materials to the end user:

• 5 complementary SMEs. BAVE (DE), Wood fibers and agricultural residues. PROLABIN & TEFARM (IT) Flame retardant nanoparticles manufacturer. BEOLOGIC (BE) WPC compounder. ESCANERO (SP) plastic manufacturer. UXAMA (SP) façade manufacturer,
• 3 RTDs experts in: TECNALIA (SP) cellulosic fibers modification, processing and testing of WPCs and ventilated façade design. WKI-FRAUNHOFER (DE), WPCs based on long fibers. UNIVERSITA' DI PERUGIA (IT) biocomposites and nanoparticles modification.

FAST, european project titled: Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing Scaffolds by Hybrid Manufacturing supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 685825).

PolyCE, european project titled: Post-Consumer Recycled Polymers High-tech for a Circular Economy supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.  In the project Prolabin will contribute to the realization of new design more recyclable plastics through the use of polymeric nanocomposites.(CIRC-01-2016-2017 - Systemic, eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects).






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