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Recent news

July 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm srl in the person of Roberto Spogli participates in the SCS Annual Conference held in London on 4-5 July 2017


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July 2017

The research group of Prolabin & Tefarm srl: Maria Bastianini, Michele Sisani and Annarita Petracci publish on Cosmetics the scientific article

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Inclusion into Υ-Cyclodextrin and Mesoporous SBA-15: Preparation, Characterization and In Vitro Release Study


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July 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm srl participate in the Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials 2017 of Manchester presenting the European projectPolyCE


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May 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm srl sponsors the 19th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds where will be attending a desk


May 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm srl At the heart of the report of Buon Giorno Regione Rai about the innovative companies of the region Umbria

April 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm is at In-Cosmetics 2017


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April 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm illustrates the International Journalist Festival Perugia Italy April 5 to 9, the project PSR Ficoproarg. Inside the session A t(w)it for tat, at the Sala Fiume of Palazzo Donini will be presented the project financed through European funds aimed at the exploitation of cashmere dyes through innovative systems.

festival giornalismo

March 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm enhances the R&D sector with the permanent employment of Dr. Maria Bastianini PhD, which was selected through ITalents PhD-project with the CRUI Foundation.


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February 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm is a partner in a new European project by the acronym POLYCE - Post-Consumer Recycled Polymers High-tech for a Circular Economy - In the project Prolabin will contribute to the realization of new design more recyclable plastics through the use of polymeric nanocomposites.



February 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm end S&R Farmaceutici sign strategic agreement for the distribution of the product Revifast in the products Kirocomplex, Revifastdol e Revifast Cardio


kirocomplex                          revifastdol

January 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm hosts Dr. Caterina Faffa in collaboration with I.T.S. UMBRIA MADE IN ITALY INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT for conducting the practical part of the "Expert in chemical processes, green and sustainable materials" in reference to '"Public notice" SMART "for presentation of training programs to support the smart specialization and innovation of the regional production system - POR Umbria FSE 2014-2020 POR Umbria FSE 2014-2020- Ob. "Investment for growth and employment" - Axis "Occupation".


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January 2017

Prolabin & Tefarm won the call SPORTELLO 2016 PER L’INNOVAZIONE DIGITALE NELLE PMI under the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 The action aims to improve IT and business management systems.

August 2016

Prolabin & Tefarm signing an agreement with Selena for exploration of the potential of nanocomposites in polyurethane within the European project EENSULATE


May 2016

Ended the European project HifiventHigh durability and fire performance wood plastic composites (WPC) for ventilated facades,  which has seen among its participants Prolabin & Tefarm

April 2016

Prolabin & Tefarm partecipated at 10th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology


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April 2016

Prolabin & Tefarm is at In-Cosmetics Paris 2016


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January 2016

Prolabin & Tefarm transfers its registered and production office. The new address is:

November 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm partecipes ain the edition of the Italian Making Cosmetics 2015

Making Cosmetics

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October 2015

With the measure 124 promoted by Umbria region, Prolabin & Tefarm has concluded the project for rural development:

One wine one cosmetic

September 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm   part in a panel discussion in Hall Civil Society in a


presenting the project on dyeing plants developed in PSR FiCoProArg

Bernard all'Expo

June 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm is among the winners together with a strong network of Call: H2020-NMP-PILOTS-2015 Horizon 2020 with the project 


FAST aims to combine the fields of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology for the construction of innovative biomedical prostheses through the technology of the 3-D printing.

May 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm is attending the event Borsa della Ricerca

Borsa della Ricerca

April 2015

The innovative cosmetic product Niodor, developed by Prolabin & Tefarm was awarded by the jury of the BSB European Innovation Prize during the Fair cosmetics In Cosmetics 14-15 april 2015 in Barcellona


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February 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm participated in the 2nd edition of the Italian Making Cosmetics 2014

Making Cosmetics

January 2015

Prolabin & Tefarm, along with Ambios Ltd. has developed a new product for cosmetics, which combines the technology of solid laminated to marine microalgae


December 2014

 Prolabin & Tefarm is part in the project:

One wine one Cosmetic

The project was the winner of a Umbria region's contract, within the Rural Development Plan.

October 2014

 Prolabin & Tefarm participates in the meeting promoted by:


European project that deals with the development of nanotechnologies for the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings which was held in San Sebastian (Spain) 1 October.

October 2014

 Prolabin & Tefarm participates in the European project:


concerning the development of flame retardant halogen-free through the use of nanoparticles.

October 2014

 Prolabin & Tefarm participates in the event:


which was held in Bastia Umbra 3 to 5 October.

August 2014

It ended the first part of the project FicoProArg, in rural development in Umbria. Title:

Supply chain for painting with natural  protect dyes in clay.

June 2014

Granted European Patent commissioned by Ferrini Srl. Title:

Method for colouring natural textile fibers

May 2014

In relation to the project application submitted to the call H2020 Societary Challenge was passed Stage 1 of the European project for the development of innovative solutions for the manufacture of sustainable food. Title:

SFS-17-2014: Novel eco-innovative technology for Biodegradable and compostable laminates for active and intelligent food packaging increasing the product's SHELF-life

May 2014

Opening of a new application of lamellar solids through collaboration with the Laboratorio di Diagnostica per la Conservazione e il Restauro dei Musei Vaticani for the restoration of art works of great value.

April 2014

Prolabin&Tefarm logs on to the network

Prolabin&Tefarm su Borsa della ricerca

March 2014

Application of a patent for innovative cosmetic products, by title:

Topical composition with poorly soluble active ingredients

February 2014

Niodor is used as an innovative raw material for the launch of a new deodorant roll-on formulation:

DEFENCE DEO Roll-on alluminium salt-free

November 2013

Prolabin & Tefarm partecipates in the international conference organized by

Prolabin&Tefarm a NanotechItaly


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