Removal and abatement of pollutant substances

Lamellar solids can be used for the removal of pollutants from liquid matrices and aqueous solutions, thanks to their insolubility and thermal and chemical stability.

They possess important features, such as:

  • selectivity
  • high ion-exchange capacity
  • high surface area
  • easy separation from liquid matrices
  • low cost

Lamellar solids can be considered one of the best efficient systems for the removal of unwanted substances, for the purification of fluids and for the selective extraction of chemical molecules.

The hydrotalcites are particularly suitable for the removal of anionic or acid molecules, while the systems based on zirconium or phyllosilicates are effective for the capture of cationic or protonable species.

By using lamellar solids as a support or catalyst precursors it is possible to realize extremely effective and selective solid systems for the abatement of numerous pollutants such as NOx, SOx, VOC and particulate.