About us

P&T is an expert in the preparation of inorgano-organic layered compounds belonging to the classes of the hydrotalcites and zirconium phosphates/phosphonates.

These lamellar solids are innovative products used as:

  1. nanostructurant polymer additives,
  2. raw materials and carriers of active ingredients for cosmetic, nutraceutic, pharmaceutical and health care applications,
  3. heterogeneous solid catalysts.

P&T researchers gained their experience and know-how from research carried out over more than 30 years in the Dep. of Chemistry at the University of Perugia, enabling them to transfer their knowledge and technology to the industry.

All the products are composed of lamellar solids, or synthetic clays, produced with ecofriendly procedures using only water as a solvent, therefore suitable for companies that are looking for innovative and green products.

P&T benefits from EU and national calls to enable the research, development and dissemination of new products for strategic market sectors.

P&T proposes itself as a partner in networks whose aim is to carry out innovative projects in order to obtain high quality products.


  • HistoryOpen or Close

    Prolabin & Tefarm S.r.l. was born in 2008 as a spin-off of the University of Perugia, with the aim of transferring the knowledge acquired in 30 years of academic research in the field of synthesis and functionalization of innovative nanostructured inorganic materials.

    P&T researchers have wide expertise in the synthesis, chemical/physical properties and possible functionalization of layered compounds. They are constantly updated on scientific and patent literature thanks also to their active participation in thematic conferences and congresses.

    The staff are highly qualified and consist of graduates and PhDs who specialize in strategic scientific areas including inorganic and material chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical, engineering, biological sciences and biotechnology. Over the years, P&T has carried out numerous research projects funded by public bodies and private companies to develop new industrial products.

    The company participates in European, National and Regional research projects, presenting new entrepreneurship and technological innovation development programs.

Mission & Vision

Research, innovation and the technological transfer of products and solutions, to make our customers leaders in their market.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best technology and help them in the industrialization process. To achieve this goal, we produce tailor made materials in order to satisfy the client’s requests and create high added value products.

  • VisionOpen or Close

    Tailor made green chemistry for everyone.

    We firmly believe in research and in high quality products. In our opinion the best technology should be easy to use and adaptable to the standard industrial processes even when it reaches high levels of innovation and complexity.

  • ValuesOpen or Close

    Our aim is to provide customers with innovative solutions and products that can increase their competitiveness in the global market, operating with responsibility from a social and environmental point of view.

    We are inspired by some important values that guide us daily in work and in social relations.


    We think and act with honesty, fairness and transparency, in full compliance with laws and ethical principles.

    Importance of people

    We strongly believe that people are the most important value in the company, therefore we strive every day to create an ideal workplace where they are inspired to give their best.


    We want to earn the trust of our customers and be recognized as a competent, efficient, pragmatic, timely and responsible company. To achieve this purpose, we try to maximize results and satisfy the partners requests on time.


    Scientific formation and creativity are the key factors of the company’s success, so we constantly invest our resources in training and staying updated, in order to meet the needs of innovation either through alternative solutions or anticipating the market trends.


    The company’s size and strong customer orientation allow us to respond effectively to each specific request. Customer satisfaction is in the spotlight and every action is driven by the production needs of the individual partners.


    Curiosity and enthusiasm are the driving force of our work. Pursuit of excellence, to be an example, inspiring and motivating others are the principles that animate our researchers.


    Attention to environmental issues and sustainability are fundamental criteria for the company. All production processes are based on green methods that use water and do not involve organic solvents and/or substances harmful for the environment and workers.


    We strongly believe that the creation of a network of researchers, customers, suppliers and specialists in strategic sectors is important for achieving excellent results and building together a concrete and lasting success.


    To achieve the objectives, the contribution of each person is important, both inside and outside the company, creating well-integrated teamwork. Sharing knowledge, comparing ideas and different points of view are essential elements to create innovation and achieve results in line with our customers’ expectations.

Business model

Research center

P&T’s competitiveness is based on intensive research, in order to develop products with high added value and meet the real needs in terms of technological innovation and performances.

P&T uses advanced analytical instrumentation to characterize the produced materials and collaborates with academic researchers with a deep knowledge in the field of lamellar solids chemistry.

The main research topics concern the optimization of production processes and the functionalization of new nanostructured lamellar solids with sustainable technologies and very low environmental impact.

The development activity is aimed at prototyping and manufacturing new industrial materials able to improve the performance of finished products in strategic application areas and to explore many other different market sectors.

The versatility of materials and the use of innovative technologies for the lamellar solid modification allows the preparation of tailor made products with strictly controlled chemical composition, purity, size distribution and morphology, in accordance with the specific production and plant requirements of the customer.

Trademarks & patents

The company’s R&D activity has led to the creation/invention of different technological solutions protected by Trademarks and/or Patents. P&T researchers are authors of the following patents:

  1. Metodo per la colorazione di fibre tessili naturali (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini, M. Nocchetti), Brevetto Italiano ITAN20130024.
  2. Metodo di rivestimento polimerico di composti di intercalazione costituiti da solidi lamellari e coloranti (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini), Brevetto Italiano ITAN20130023.
  3. Method for colouring natural textile fibers (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini, M. Nocchetti), Brevetto Europeo EP2628849 N. 13155317.4.
  4. Method for the polymeric encapsulation of intercalation compounds composed of lamellar solids and dyes (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini), Brevetto Europeo EP2628531 N. 13155315.8.
  5. Resveratrolo ibrido inorganico (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini, L. Perioli, B. Fioretti), Brevetto Italiano ITPG20120030.
  6. Co- precipitate of one or more stilbene polyphenols and their derivatives in lamellar anionic solids, its applications and related preparation method (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Latterini, L. Perioli, B. Fioretti), Brevetto Europeo EP2679243 N. 015526338.
  7. Composizioni topiche con principi attivi poco solubili (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Perioli), Brevetto Italiano ITAN2015A000052 N. 0001427641.
  8. Metodo per la produzione di un prodotto nutraceutico, cosmetico o farmaceutico mediante l’estrazione di sostanze fenoliche da vino ed acque di vegetazione olearie (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Perioli, L. Cossignani), Brevetto Italiano ITAN2014000146 N. 0001427787. 9.
  9. Biphasic creatine nutraceutic composition (M. Sisani, R. Spogli, L. Perioli, C. Pagano, G. Salvadori), Brevetto Europeo N. 16425117.5.

Trademarks of the company are:

REVIFAST® cosmetic and nutraceutical product based on resveratrol with a modified and controlled release.

KREAFAST® and nutraceutical product based on creatine monohydrate with a calibrated release.

ALGAECLAY® cosmetic product based on clay and marine microalgae.

RHEOFEEL® cosmetic product based on clay and oleic acid.

PEARLIGHT® cosmetic product based on zirconium hydrogen phosphate.

SILVER ASSET®  lamellar raw material loaded with silver ions.