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SET 2023

At the EAMC, Dr. Michele Sisani received the IAAM Scientist Award in recognition of his contributions to Biocompatible Materials and for giving a lecture at the 56th Advanced Materials Congress.

Prolabin&Tefarm would like to sincerely thank Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Director of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM).

SET 2023

Prolabin & Tefarm, represented by Michele Sisani and Maria Bastianini, are participating in the AMC’s flagship congress, organised by the IAAM.
The congress is a renowned platform where researchers, practitioners, scientists and business giants of materials science from all over the world meet and discuss the latest trends and developments in the scientific world.

AMC Congress link

APR 2023

Celebrating 15 years of Prolabin & Tefarm together.

The year 2023 marks an important milestone of established expertise in science for the company.

Prolabin&Tefarm was founded as a University Spin Off in 2008.

Today it is an Innovative SME with 11 employees (average age 38), 7 of whom are in R&D. Fifty percent of the staff have PhDs and the rest are university graduates, with experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biological sectors. Prolabin & Tefarm research results in high quality products. The best technology is one that while achieving high levels of complexity and innovation, is easy to employ and adaptable to normal industrial production processes.

In these 15 years numerous steps have been achieved; such as the certification of the balance sheet and obtaining ISO 9001:2015 and many more if will be achieved to make the technology transfer of innovation from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale faster and faster for the benefit of those who invest in R&D at Prolabin.

Never give up!


P&T team

FEB 2023

Prolabin&Tefarm and the University of Perugia are collaborating through the activation of rtd-a with Dr. TOMMASO FELICETTI and under the supervision of Prof. GIUSEPPE MANFRONI of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Section of Medicinal Chemistry and Technology.

TITLE: ‘Design and development of broad-spectrum virucidal agents to counter the spread of pandemic and neglected viruses’.

The objective of the study is to research new solutions to respond to the needs related to emerging, present and future viral diseases through the development of broad-spectrum antivirals.

Once again, we hope that the strong link between the academic and business worlds will lead to effective and concrete solutions.

OTT 2022

Prolabin&Tefarm has initiated important research into the possible functionalisation of resins, for surface coating, with lamellar solids with antimicrobial activity.

In order to minimise the spread of infections, taking into account the presence of atiniotic-resistant microorganisms in hospital patients, there is a real and current need to make surfaces as antimicrobial as possible.

Why use our lamellar solids?
The technology of intercalating the actives in the lamellar solids would make it possible to prolong the efficacy of the antimicrobial substances over time.

SET 2022

Education does not only take place at school, in front of a book; education must be active, critical and democratic… that is why Prolabin&Tefarm signed a contract with the University of Perugia to promote internship, training and orientation activities for students.

17 students from various bachelor’s, master’s and master’s degree courses were trained and welcomed at P&T facilities.

LUG 2022

Prolabin & Tefarm has obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification, the international reference standard for Quality Management Systems. Our main goal is to constantly increase quality in order to give our customers the best products.

GEN 2022

Upcoming events!

Roberto Spogli will hold the conference entitled: “A new route to innovation in natural product chemistry using layered solid materials” at the Phytochemical Society of Europe Webinar:

“PLANT EXTRACTION BY SOLID PHASE ADSORPTION”, organization dr. Francesco Epifano

January 12th 2022

NOV 2021

Prolabin & Tefarm receives an exceptional guest, prof. Alceo Macchioni, Director of the Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology of the University of Perugia.

The relations between the former spin-off and the department are strengthened on the occasion, also, of the new opportunities posed by the PNRR.

FEB 2021

6 th International Day of Women and Girls in Science – 11 February.

It is an important day at Prolabin & Tefarm. In this particular period, keeping the role of women at the center of attention in science and work is essential to strengthen concrete actions that promote gender equality.

We are proud of our female 50% of the Prolabin & Tefarm team.

FEB 2021

The research group of Prolabin & Tefarm Srl, which has always been involved in scientific dissemination, has recently published the following articles:

1 – Fire Retardant Action of Layered Double Hydroxides and Zirconium Phosphate Nanocomposites Fillers in Polyisocyanurate Foam

2 – Solid phase adsorption of anthraquinones from plant extracts by lamellar solids

3 – Effect of layered double hydroxide, expanded graphite and ammonium polyphosphate additives on thermal stability and fire performance of polyisocyanurate insulation foam

4 – Caffeine vehiculation into alpha-zirconium phosphate: a multifunctional intercalation product and its application for modified topical release

FEB 2021

Prolabin & Tefarm srl on February 5th 2021 hosted Yoann Padioleau, Software Engineer at Facebook (2009-2014), for an overview of the corporate culture of Silicon Valley in comparison with the European one.

JAN 2021

The research group of Prolabin & Tefarm Srl publishes the scientific article in Food Analytical Methods:

Solid-Phase Adsorption of Curcumin from Turmeric Extracts by Lamellar Solids and Magnesium Oxide and Hydroxide

OCT 2020

The research group of the European FAST project, of which Prolabin & Tefarm Srl is a member, publishes the scientific article on Bioactive Materials:

3D additive manufactured composite scaffolds with antibiotic-loaded lamellar fillers for bone infection prevention and tissue regeneration

JUN 2020

The research group of Prolabin & Tefarm Srl publishes the scientific article in ScienceDirect:

Solid phase adsorption of emodin on hydrotalcites and inorganic oxides: A preliminary study

NOV 2019

Prolabin & Tefarm Srl participates at Making Cosmetics Milan, from 20 to 21 November 2019.

Visit our stand N ° 601!

JUL 2019

Prolabin & Tefarm srl, reinforces the Scientific Marketing and Technical Sale sector with the recruitment of Dr. Elena Palini who obtained the Master’s Degree in Industrial Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Perugia, with the thesis entitled “Hydrotalcite: evaluation use in neural regeneration”.

JUL 2019

Prolabin & Tefarm enhances the R&D Department hiring Fabio Cardellini, PhD in Chemical Sciences.

JUN 2019

Published the new ENMat newsletter, a network in which Prolabin & Tefarm srl participates.

JUN 2019

Prolabin & Tefarm participates in the congress on flame retardants held from 26 to 28 June at Turku.

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    MAY 2019

    Prolabin & Tefarm Srl attended the Borsa della Ricerca, event held from 28 to 30 May at the University of Salerno.

    APR, 2019

    Prolabin & Tefarm will attend the In-Cosmetics global trade fair which will take place in Paris, 2-4 April 2019.

    During the event, visit us at the CellMark chemicals stand Q68 – our foreign distributor.

    MAR, 2019

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Silver Jubilee Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress (AMC), organized by The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), held during 24-27 March 2019 at the Conference Centre, M/S Mariella, Viking Line sailing to Stockholm (Sweden) – Helsinki (Finland) – Stockholm (Sweden).

    During the conference Prolabin & Tefarm gave two oral presentations:

    3D printed functionally graded scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration based on biopolymeric nanocomposites and layered compound drug delivery systems

    Layered compounds as active fillers of polymer nanocomposites for biomedical engineering


    JAN, 2019

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Materials magazine the scientific article:

    The Rheology of PEOT/PBT Block Copolymers in the Melt State and in the Thermally-Induced Sol/Gel Transition Implications on the 3D-Printing Bio-Scaffold Process

    DEC, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Nutrients magazine the scientific article:

    Solid Dispersion of Resveratrol Supported on Magnesium DiHydroxide (Resv@MDH) Microparticles Improves Oral Bioavailability

    NOV, 2018

    From the R&D team of Prolabin & Tefarm, a new article on innovation in cosmetics.

    NOV, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm and Laviosa are very grateful towards all the visitors for the great interest shown to our boot in InVitality. The trade fair, at its first edition, let our company show its potential. We could improve our working network through the estabilishment of new interesting collaborations in the nutraceutical area, nowadays in extraordinary development.

    NOV, 2018

    Great attendance at Prolabin&Tefarm and Laviosa booth in Making Cosmetics, the international fair trade for innovation in cosmetic raw materials, now at its fifth edition. Our booth, which design has been very appreciated, has been widely visited during the festival by business operators, companies, technicians and cosmetic formulators.

    AUG, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Cosmetics magazine the scientific article:

    Caffeic Acid-layered Double Hydroxide Hybrid: A New Raw Material for Cosmetic Applications

    MAY, 2018

    From the R&D team of Prolabin & Tefarm, a new article on innovation in cosmetics.

    MAY 17, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Journal of Composite Sciences the scientific article:

    Innovative Composites Based on Organic Modified Zirconium Phosphate and PEOT/PBT Copolymer.

    APR 17-19, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm will attending the In-Cosmetics global trade fair to be held in Amsterdam 17-19 April 2018.

    During the In-Cosmetics Workshop 2018 event Prolabin & Tefarm will give an oral presentation:

    Michele Sisani
    Hydrotalcite: a smart technology for innovative active ingredients”.

    MAR 22, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm Srl is involved in ENMat, European Network of Materials Research Centres.

    MAR, 2018

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry the scientific article:

    CO2 adsorption and desorption properties of calcined layered double hydroxides

    MAR 08, 2018

    Students of  ITIS A. Volta (Città Castello) visiting Prolabin & Tefarm facilities. As a research based company, P&T is happy to share its knowledge with these young chemists.

    DEC 10-14, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the 33rd International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society held in Cancun (Messico) 10-14 December 2017.

    During the conference Prolabin & Tefarm gave two oral presentations:

    Maria Bastianini
    Benefit of clay in polymer nanocomposite for biomedical engineering: from clay properties to polymer composite performance

    Michele Sisani
    Layered compounds as active fillers of biopolymeric nanocomposites for 3D printed functionally graded scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration

    NOV 28-29, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Making Cosmetics trade fair held in Milan 28-29 November 2017.

    OTT 11-12, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Meet In Italy for Life Sciences held in Turin 11-12 October 2017.

    LUG 17-21, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the 16th International Clay Conference ICC held in Granada 17-21 July 2017.

    During the conference Prolabin & Tefarm gave two oral presentations:

    Maria Bastianini
    Layered double hydroxides as multifunctional excipients for topic formulations

    Michele Sisani
    Layered compounds as active fillers of biopolymeric nanocomposites for 3D printed functionally graded scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration

    JUL 04-05, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the SCS Annual Conference held in London 4-5 July 2017.

    JUL 03-06, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials meeting held in Manchester 3-6 July 2017.

    JUL 01, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm’s research team published in Cosmetics magazine the scientific article:

    Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Inclusion into Υ-Cyclodextrin and Mesoporous SBA-15: Preparation, Characterization and In Vitro Release Study

    JUL 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm is a partner of the new EU project PolyCE – Post-Consumer High-tech Recycled Polymers for a Circular Economy. Prolabin & Tefarm will contribute to the creation of new concept plastics that are more recyclable thanks to the use nanostructured layered additives.
    CIRC-01-2016-2017 – Systemic, eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects.

    MAG 28- GIU 01, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended and sponsored the 19th International Symposium on Intercalation Compounds, held in Assisi 28 May – 1 June 2017.

    MAY 11-12, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm hosted in Perugia the FAST EU project meeting.

    MAY 09, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm was presented in the RAI Buongiorno Regione Umbria TV report as excellent and innovative company of the Region. The TV report was broadcast on May the 9th.

    APR 05-09, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the International Journalism Festival (Perugia, Italy, 5-9 April), presenting the PSR Ficoproarg project (

    APR 04-06, 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the In-Cosmetics global trade fair held in London 4-6 April 2017.

    MAR 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm enhances the R&D Department hiring Maria Bastianini, PhD in chemical sciences, through the PhD-ITalents project supported by Fondazione CRUI.
    The CURRICULUM is attached

    FEB 2017

    S&R Farmaceutici, in collaboration with Prolabin & Tefarm, launched in the market new nutraceutical products (Kirocomplex, Revifastdol, Revifastcardio) based on Revifast®.

    JAN 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm enhances the R&D Department hiring Gabriele Pastori, PhD in Organic Chemistry.

    JAN 2017

    Prolabin & Tefarm host Dr.ssa Caterina Faffa in collaboration with I.T.S. UMBRIA MADE IN ITALY INNOVAZIONE, TECNOLOGIA E SVILUPPO.

    The CURRICULUM is attached

    DEC, 2016

    The Hifivent EU project, High durable and fire performing WPC for ventilated façade was concluded. Prolabin & Tefarm has participated in the project as active partner.

    SEP, 2016

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Cosinterra event, presenting the scientific results of the FiCoProArg project Umbria about the realization of natural dyes for the textile industry.

    AUG, 2016

    Prolabin & Tefarm joined the EENSULATE EU project as scientific advisor.

    APR 12-14, 2016

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the In-Cosmetics trade fair held in Paris, 12-14 April 2016.

    APR 04-06, 2016

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the PBP World Meeting held in Glasgow, 4 al 6 April 2016.

    During the conference Prolabin & Tefarm gave an oral presentation:

    Maria Bastianini
    “Drug delivery improvements for topic formulation obtained by double layered hydroxides technology”

    NOV 24-25, 2015

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Making Cosmetics trade fair held in Centro Congressi Mirafiori Milan, 24-25 November 2015.

    SEP, 2015

    Dr. Bernard Fioretti during the EXPO 2015 event presented the scientific results obtained in collaboration with Prolabin & Tefarm about the FiCoProArg project Umbria. The project was focused on the realization of natural dyes for the textile industry.

    MAY, 2015

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Borsa della ricerca event held in Bologna, supported by Campus di Fisciano (SA) and University of Salerno.

    APR 14-16, 2015

    Niodor, the innovative cosmetic raw material for deodorants developed by Prolabin & Tefarm, received the BSB Award during the In-Cosmetics 2015 trade fair, held in Barcellona, 14-16 April 2015.

    JAN, 2015

    Prolabin & Tefarm and Ambios Srl registered the trademark Algaeclay®, the new cosmetic raw material based on clay and microalgae.

    NOV 25-26, 2014

    Prolabin & Tefarm attended the Making Cosmetics trade fair held in Milan, 25-26 November 2014.