Active vehiculation

The vehiculation technology of the nutraceutical actives can improve the stability of photosensitive and easily oxidizable ingredients.

The inclusion of the active substances in biocompatible inorganic matrices produces a higher bioavailability and/or the modified release of the ingredient.


» higher stability
» higher efficacy
» higher bioavailability

Modified release

Nutraceutical products with modified release are constituted by innovative delivery systems, able to control the release profile by directly acting on the release rate.

They allow the rapid absorption by optimizing the doses and minimizing the toxicity.


» higher bioavailability
» lower doses
» reduction of side effects

Taste masking

Biocompatible inorganic solids are an effective solution to mask the bad taste of many nutraceutical ingredients.

The encapsulation technology of the active agents avoids the direct contact of the ingredient with the taste buds.


» better compliance
» better organoleptic properties of formulations