Solutions on demand

Our technology, based on lamellar clay and other biocompatible inorganic solids used as active carriers, can be applied to a wide range of functional nutrients in order to:

» protect the active substance from photodegradation and oxidation
» obtain formulations with a controlled release (fast release, drug delivery systems)
» increase the bioavailability
» mask the bad taste

If you are interested in using a raw material that is not stable, with a bad taste or with workability production issues, if you want to increase the effectiveness of the active in terms of bioavailability or if you want to modify the release of a particular ingredient from a formulation contact us and ask for your customized ingredient.

Prolabin & Tefarm’s R&D Laboratory is specialized in design and realization of new functional nutrients vehiculated in biocompatible inorganic solids and can offer a solution according to the desired technical characteristics and specific production needs.

The R&D department will evaluate the feasibility of the project, and in case of success, will select the best inorganic matrix able to encapsulate the active of interest, realize the industrial prototypes and support you in the formulating development.

Once the product has been tested and validated, Prolabin & Tefarm will proceed to industrial raw material scale-up based on the unique production needs of the customer and will be able to supply the new product in the desired quantities.