From the cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology, new active ingredients based on biocompatible lamellar clays.

Hydrotalcites or anionic clays, are inorganic materials consisting of mixtures of lamellar hydroxides containing exchangeable anions in the interlayered region; rather rare in nature but easily to synthetize with high purity (chemical and microbiological).

Hydrotalcites are biocompatible clays and find many industrial applications for the production of a wide range of cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials.

They are micrometric powders, sliding and easy to mix in any kind of formulation and do not cause problems of spreadability, abrasion or formation of aloes in case of topical formulations. Due to their special layered structure and high biocompatibility, they can be formulated not only as excipients but also as active ingredients able to improve the formulation efficacy.

All products developed by Prolabin & Tefarm consist of biocompatible lamellar synthetic clays and are based on innovative intercalation technologies. The intercalation is a process already successfully employed in the pharmaceutical field to encapsulate active ingredients within the interlayered region of clay.

The main advantages of the intercalation technology are:

» improvement of the stability of the active ingredient (thermal, photochemical and against oxidation)
» improvement of the effectiveness through synergistic action
» controlled release
» optimal local bioavailability
» dispersibility in both aqueous and oily phase (w/o and o/w emulsions)
» higher workability
» masking of any bad odor/taste

The lamellar nature of the clays exerts a remineralizing and eudermic effect on the skin, and it also able to modulate the final properties of solid and semisolid formulations by improving:

» viscosity and rheology
» texture and skin feel
» homogeneity