2021 2021 News

FEB 2021

The research group of Prolabin & Tefarm Srl, which has always been involved in scientific dissemination, has recently published the following articles:

1 – Fire Retardant Action of Layered Double Hydroxides and Zirconium Phosphate Nanocomposites Fillers in Polyisocyanurate Foam

2 – Solid phase adsorption of anthraquinones from plant extracts by lamellar solids

3 – Effect of layered double hydroxide, expanded graphite and ammonium polyphosphate additives on thermal stability and fire performance of polyisocyanurate insulation foam

4 – Caffeine vehiculation into alpha-zirconium phosphate: a multifunctional intercalation product and its application for modified topical release

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